11 Interesting Fun Facts Of Saturn For Kids – 2018

The planet Saturn was first discovered by Galileo famous scientist, it was first seen by Galileo with the help of small telescope in 1610. Planet Saturn is covered by gold and yellow rings, where they are separated by 3000 miles divide, which is known as Cassini Division. Astronomers and scientists believe that the planet Saturn rings are made up of ice water. This article teaches you about some important and interesting fun facts of Saturn for kids.

Here are some interesting and fun facts of Saturn for kids.

Important facts of saturn for kids
Planet Saturn
  1. The planet Saturn was named “the Roman God of agriculture”. Where he is known as Cronus by the Greek ancients.
  2. The gravity of the planet Saturn is more than the Earth. Saturn is bigger than the earth, if would weigh 32 kilograms on Earth, you would weigh 34 kilograms on a planet Saturn.
  3. In many aspects, the planet Saturn is similar to Jupiter, but it is much smaller. Saturn is the second biggest planet in the Solar system and also it is a gas giant like Jupiter. Under the clouds of hydrogen, methane and helium, the regularly goes into liquid until it becomes a giant ocean of liquid chemicals.
  4. The planet Saturn is mainly known for its rings around it. It is not only the one planet which has rings, even Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter planets also have rings around them, but the planet Saturn rings are favorite object for many observers. The planet Saturn’s beautiful rings are of approximately 273266 kilometers wide. But the rings of Saturn are extremely thin, the thickness of the rings are estimated to be less than a kilometer thick. The rings are classified into several categories, Ring A, Ring B, Ring C, Ring D, Ring E, Ring f and Ring G, totally they are 7 in numbers. The planet Saturn’s rings are not solid, but they are made up of ice particles, rocks and dust.
  5. The planet Saturn has 53 official moons and 9 provisional moons. Among all those moons the most well know moon is Titan, which is second biggest moon in the Solar system next to Jupiter’s Ganymede. The planet Saturn’s moon Titan is larger than the planet Mercury.
  6. Saturn orbits around the Sun very slowly. A year on Saturn is more than that of 29 Earth years.
  7. Though it orbits around the slowly but the planet Saturn spins on its axis very fast.
  8. The Equatorial diameter of the planet Saturn is 120,536 kilometers and its polar diameter is 108,728 kilometers.
  9. Saturn’s temperature is -178 °C
  10. Its distance is 1,426,666,422 km (9.54 AU) and orbit period is 10,756 days (29.5 years).
  11. Saturn’s equator is tilted very similar to Earth at 27 degrees, which gives the planet Saturn the same seasonal changes as we experience on Earth.
  12. According to the article “facts of Jupiter for kids” The planet Jupiter is made up of mainly helium and hydrogen, even the planet Saturn is similar like Jupiter because it is made up of hydrogen and helium.

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