10 Things You Didn’t Know About Facts Of Mars For Kids.

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. It is the 2nd smallest planet in the Solar system and the last of the terrestrial planets. Mars is also known as Red planet because of the color of its surface. We most of most of the things of Mars because it is neighbor to Earth. There have been many observations and several successful missions to explore the planet Mars, which will continue for centuries to come but here are some simple facts of mars for kids.

Important Facts of Mars for Kids

kid facts about mars
Planet Mars
  1. Planet was named after the Roman God of war. It is because of the blood red color of the Mars planet. The Roman God Mars was pulled on a chariot by his 2 horses which were named Deimos and Phobos. These are the names of two moons of Mars.
  2. A year on planet Mars is 687 days. It is the time where planet Mars takes to orbit the Sun.
  3. A day on Mars: Mars takes 24 hours and 39 minutes long to complete a day, which is almost very close to the 24 hours length of a Day on Earth.
  4. Seasons vary in terms of length on Mars: Summer on mars is 6 months, Spring season is 7 months, Autumn is 5.4 months and whereas Winter is of only 4 months. This all adds up and complete a year on Mars.
  5. Magnetic field of Mars: Magnetic fields on Mars was found only in certain areas but they are weak in nature. Scientists thought that these are left over from a long period of billions of years ago when Mars was having a good magnetic field. The recent theory says that a huge asteroid destroyed the previous magnetic field but this theory was not being proved and it is possible that is just withered away.
  6. Mars has polar ice caps: Apart from the Earth, Mars is the only planet to have polar ice caps. The South cap is called the Planum Australe and the Northern cap is called the Planum Boreum.
  7. Has thin Atmosphere: The planet Mars has a very thin atmosphere, which contains 2.7% of Nitrogen and 95.9% of carbon dioxide with a trace of a mixture of other gases. This is a similar atmosphere to the one found on the planet Venus as it is mentioned in the article “Kid facts about Venus”.
  8. Mars has 37% of the gravity on Earth: It means that you could jump 3 times higher on planet Mars than you can Earth!
  9. Planet Mars has similar amount of Land to Earth: Mars is smaller than Earth, even though it is smaller than Earth but it has roughly the same amount of land On Earth. It is because of the large amount of water on Earth.
  10. The volcano on Mars: The volcano on mars is known as Olympus Mons which is 21 km high. The highest volcano on Earth is Hawaii’s Mauna Loa which is 10 km and less than half the size of volcano on Mars. The volume of the Mars volcano contains 100 times more than the Earth’s volcano.

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