9 Things You Need To Know About Kid Facts About Saturn Today.

The most beautiful planet other than the Earth in the Solar system is Saturn. Because of its spectacular ring system, planet Saturn is a gas giant that features many atmospheric conditions and extreme physical features. This article teaches you the interesting kid facts about Saturn.

Important Kid Facts about Saturn

  1. Distance from the Sun: Distance from the Sun is around 856 million miles.
  2. Saturn’s Moons: Planet Saturn has more 61 moons among all those moons, Titan is the largest moon of Saturn which is the second largest moon in the entire Solar system.
  3. Composition: Saturn consists of 97% of Hydrogen gas, 3% helium gas and about 0.05% methane, plus ammonia. You could not stand on the surface of the planet Saturn because it’s gaseous.
  4. Diameter of the planet Saturn: Around 12000 km is the diameter of planet Saturn. Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system, where more than 9 Earths could line up across it!
  5. Length of the year: The length of planet Saturn’s one orbit around the Sun is 29.5 Earth years.
  6. Length of Day: The length of one rotation of planet Saturn is 10 hours, 39 minutes.
  7. Discovery of Saturn Planet: Planet Saturn was visible to the naked eye in the night sky since ancient times. But Galileo was the first person to observe it with a help of telescope in 1610.
  8. Visited by

voyager 1, Voyager 2, Cassini (2004), and by Pioneer 11

  1. Saturn’s Rings

The rings of the planet Saturn can be seen even by a small telescope where as a larger telescope show that there are multiple rings.

  • What are the Rings made of?

The planet Saturn’s rings are made up of chunks of rock and ice, and few tiny pieces of dust, some more than half a kilo meter across.

  • How big the Rings are?

They are very like 1,50,000 miles in diameter, but they are very thing (only a few hundred yards thick).

  • From where the Rings come?

We don’t know!  Maybe they’re left over material from when the planet formed.  Possibly they are remains of moons which got smashed when impacted by other heavenly bodies.

  • Seasons of Saturn: According to Kid facts about Earth, Its equator is 23 degrees. It is this tilt that gives the planet 4 seasons. Every year, as we orbit around the sun, tilt of planet which causes different parts of the planet to spend extra time in sunlight.

Saturn’s equator is tilted which is similar to Earth’s equator at 27 degrees. This gives Saturn same seasonal changes as we here on the Earth experience.

  • Where’d they go!?

Because of tilt of the planet Saturn and slimness of the rings, after every 14 years rings look like they have vanished when it is observed from a small telescope.

When Galileo discovered Saturn planet in 1610, he was having less advanced equipment than we do now. Galileo noticed Saturn’s disappearing ring and we confused and thought he was losing his mind!

The Cassini Huygens mission to Saturn:

Unmanned mission which means no people are on board, but there’s lot of machinery and equipment that send information back to scientists here on Earth.

Launched from Kennedy space Center on 15th October 1997, which reached the Saturn in July 2004.

The Cassini orbiter, orbited Saturn and its moons for four years.

On January 14, 2005 It reached Saturn’s moon Titan when the Cassini orbiter entered Titan’s atmosphere and descended on to the surface.  It successfully returned data home, using the orbiter as a relay.  This was the first landing ever accomplished in the outer Solar System.


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